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        If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a million. Youth players learn more from observation and repetition than most coaches realize. Many players don't understand the term "mechanics" or "muscle memory", but they can identify the right and wrong of a motion when illustrated. These short video instructions provide both players and coaches with simple instruction covering topics for both the little league size field and the professional size 90' diamond.        
        The 60' instructional videos can be and should be used by all ages. Little league coaches and players will find these lessons valuable in their practices and creating a solid foundation to fall back on when needed. Older players and coaches should not forget these basic fundamentals are used in all leagues and should be routinely reviewed to keep their skills sharp. Many times repeating the basic motions are more influential to correct a fault rather than an advanced or minor mechanical fix.                                                           
         The 90' instructional videos have been created to teach both players and coaches the strategies, techniques, and mechanics needed on the large major league diamond. You will find topics covering leads off bases, hit and run execution, pitching from the stretch, and other situational play. Advanced players and coaches will find these videos very useful in learning how to take their skills and coaching to the next level. These lessons are also a window for the younger players to see the differences they can expect when graduating to the larger field.                            
        Finally, these videos provide continious learning no matter what the season or weather. Repetition of proper mechanics and the knowledge of those motions can help players expand their skills and make learning faster. This page will keep a library of past instructional videos. New videos will be added to the specific field size and you can return any time to review these lessons.