Mike Scott gives private indoor instruction at the Valley Sports Center on Rt 44 in Canton, CT. Please contact Mike by phone at 860-352-2168 to schedule an individual or group lesson.
Mike Scott
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Pricing for Personal Lessons

New Pricing Starting December 2018
Indoor Lessons:                            Half Hour     Full Hour Indoor Instruction (1 player )             $45               $75
Indoor Instruction ( 2+ players)  $10 per additional player
Indoor Packages  4 half hour lessons (2 hours total) $160
                             4 one hour lessons (4 hours total) $280

Outdoor Lessons at the MSB facility (April - October)
                                                        Half Hour       Full Hour
Outdoor Instruction (1 player)           $40               $75
Outdoor Instruction (2+ players) $10 per additional player

Outdoor Team instruction (5+ Players)  60 min     90 min
                                                                  $125       $200

MSB Outdoor Facility Rental
Batting Cage rental  ( no pitching machine ) $15 per half hour
Pitching Mounds rental  $10 per half hr
Mounds and Cage rental  $20 per half hr

IMPORTANT NOTICE Starting December 2018:
Any lesson cancellations must be given 24 hours notice prior to scheduled lesson time. For the first lesson canceled inside of 24 hours the client will be asked to pay half the lesson cost for the lesson missed. All following lessons canceled inside the 24 hour period will be asked to pay in full. All lessons missed after the first cancellation will be counted towards any "Lesson Packages". Lessons will be paid for prior to any instruction including any prior cancelation fees.
 Lessons will start and end on time

Current accepted forms of payment: Cash and checks. Checks should be made out to Mike Scott Baseball School.

        Individual instruction is the main building block for players to learn and improve their skills. They provide the rare opportunity to get personal attention from a qualified and experienced instructor. Working 1 on 1 between student and teacher makes it possible to teach and learn without inturuption or distractions. Lessons are given with the main focus of creating an invironment where the student can learn, ask questions, and improve their skills.                                           Team instruction is also a valuable addition to helping not only the players but also the coaches. Mike will provide a structured team instruction planned around the manager's needs. Coaches are fully involved with the drills and instruction which establishes a solid foundation for future team practices. Group instruction is also very useful to teach your players the same fundamentals at one time. Finally it's a simple fact, we improve by practicing. With individual attention and group drills you get plenty of repetition while getting instruction from an expert. Quality work, quality time, quality learning are what you want from lessons, Mike Scott offers all of this. Contact Mike to discuss personal instruction for your baseball team and players.