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        Many times a coach or a team will have areas of concern and will need an experts help. Mike will come to a scheduled team practice or provide a private lesson created on reshaping a team trouble spot. Some examples of team instruction might be focusing strictly on the pitching staff, getting them all learning the same basic mechanics and skills needed for their team. Other instruction might be to help coaches design new team drills to maximize their practices. Any skill can be isolatede for instruction or a general team lesson could be designed to make a team perform better on the field.        Team Instruction clinics are valuable to both players and coaches, everyone gets involved. Coaches will be asked to teach their players under the supervision of Mike Scott. Practices are created to bring all players and coaches together. Everyone is busy learning which produces team chemistry and a team philisophy as well as improving team skills.

        Coaches Clinics are very popular among the Little League programs. These clinics are designed to get the coaches performing the same basic fundamentals as their kids will encounter during practices and games. It is important for coaches to see instruction from the players point of view, this way they get a better understanding of the pressure, nervousness, and confusing communication that can be found in most young players.         Coaches Clinics are also given to coaches entering the full sized field. The coaches are still involved in the drills and instruction but here they get a further education of the new rules and strategic differences from the small field. Clinics can also be personalized for any age or specific needs of the league. Most of these clinics are scheduled indoors before the season begins, this gives the coaches a chance to take notes and prepare for their season.

Week One Highlights
Avon White with high score of 311
Jacob Giangreco with 4 Ten Pointers

Points are awarded for where the batted ball first hits in the cage.
All points awarded ONLY for balls hit between the yellow foul lines.
1 point for a grounder between the foul lines.
3 points for a line drive hit into the protective L-Screen.
5 points awarded for line drives hitting the sides or upper section of the cage beyond the foul lines.
10 points for line drives hitting the back portion of the batting cage net.
10 points for line drives hitting any part of the pitching machine.
20 points given for hitting the black foam mat hanging on the back section of the batting cage net.
"Golden Ball" swings will result in double points awarded for that swing.

Team                       W     L  Game Avg.  10s  20s
Avon White              1      0      311            4
W Hartford Blue      1      0      214            1
Canton Maroon      1      0      174            1
W Hartford Black    0      1      153            4
Canton Red             0      1      156            3
Canton Green         0      1      81              2

Player Stats       Pts/sw    Avg.    5s   10s   20s

Canton Maroon
R. Dlubac              30/35    0.857     2
J. Renaud             85/35    2.428     7      1
P. Bruno                31/35    0.885     3
M. Cote                  25/35    0714     2
Totals                 174/140   1.242    14     1
West Hartford Black
C. Cianflone          62/48   1.291     5
J. Giangreco         66/46    1.431     3      4
R. Haider               25/46    0.543     3
Totals                 153/140   1.092    11     4
Canton Red
C. Hong                 60/33    1.818     5      2
J. Berry                  33/33    1.000     4
T. Dufresne           61/33    1.848     3     1
J. Dest                     2/33     0.060    
Totals                 156/132    1.181   12     3
Canton Green
T. Quinn                   5/30     0.166
N. Hiscox               39/30    1.300     2     2
T. Rottkamp          12/30    0.400
T. Gibbons            25/30    0.833     2
Totals                  81/120    0.675     4     2
West Hartford Blue
B. Brockway           91/30    3.033      9     1
T. Laspada             61/30    2.033      9
C. Morton                23/30    0.766      2
M. Weiss                39/30    1.300      5
Totals                 214/120    1.783     25     1
Avon White
B. Angus                98/33     2.969     9     2
T. Eagle                 73/33     2.212     9
E. Borenstein         80/33    2.424      8     2
T. Nyberg               60/33    1.818      7
Totals                 311/132    2.356     33    4 

Sunday, 1/7 
3-4PM   Canton Maroon  
174   W. Hartford Black  153   
4-5PM   Canton Red  156   Avon White  
5-6PM   Canton Green  81 West Hartford Blue 214

Sunday 1/14
3pm   West Hartford Black  vs  Canton Red  
4pm   West Hartford Blue   vs  Canton Maroon  
5pm   Avon White  vs   Canton Green

Sunday 1/21
3pm   Canton Red  vs  Canton Green  
4pm   Avon White  vs  Canton Maroon  
5pm   West Hartford Black  vs  West Hartford Blue
Sunday 2/28
3pm   Canton Maroon   vs  Canton Red  
4pm   Avon White  vs  West Hartford Blue
5pm   Canton Green  vs  W. Hartford Black 

Sunday 2/11
3pm   West Hartford Black  vs  Avon White  
4pm   Canton Maroon   vs  Canton Green
5pm   West Hartford Blue   vs   Canton Red  

First & Second Round of Playoffs
Top 2 teams get first round bye

Sunday 2/25  Championship Game
Each team will get a Warm Up Round before the game.

Home Team in BOLD print. Winning team in RED print
Top 3 Team Scores One Game
311 Avon White
214 West Hartford Blue
174 Canton Maroon
All Time Top Score  426 West Hartford 1 season 2

Top 5 Player Average
3.033  B. Brockway   West Hartford Blue
2.969  B. Angus   Avon White
2.428  J. Renaud   Canton Maroon
2.424  E. Borenstein   Avon White
2.212  T. Eagle   Avon White

Top Player Average Full Season
3.302  Mike Weiss   West Hartford 1 season 2

Top 5 Highest Team scores ( One inning )
63  Avon White
57  West Hartford Blue
50  West Hartford Blue
49  Avon White
46  Avon White
All Time Top Score ( One Inning )
114 Points  West Hartford 1  season 2

Single Round Scores
5 Swings     26  J. Renaud  Canton Maroon
6 Swings     21  J. Giangreco  West Hartford Black
8 Swings     24  C. Cianflone  West Hartford Black
10 Swings  
All Time Highest Single Round Scores
5 Swings     50 points  J Renda  West Hartford 1
6 Swings     50 points  Carter M.. West hartford 3
8 Swings     64 points  M. Sedor  Canton 1
10 Swings   77 points  J. Renda West Hartford 1

Perfect Rounds ( point on each swing, one inning)
Perfect 5   E. Borenstein,  T. Laspada  
Perfect 6    None
Perfect 8    None
Perfect 10  None      

Hit for the Cycle  1-3-5-10-20 Pointers ( one game )  

Hit 40 Pointers
Team Percentage % of points earned per swing
Team                     Week 1   Week 2   Week 3   Week 4  Week 5    Season Avg
Canton Maroon       .407%    
W Hartford Black    .264%     
Canton Green         .233%    
W Hartford Blue     .441%     
Canton Red            .303%    
Avon White             .545%